Consulting and coaching packages for leaders and teams ready to align strategy, practice candor, and minimize drama.


Strategy & Organizational Culture

Is your team operating at its highest potential? 

When teams truly align around a strategic plan or direction, big visions and goals can be achieved.  I’ve also seen teams with great plans stumble because they lack trust and don’t feel safe being candid together. Because setting strategy and building intentional culture are crucial to any organization’s success, I facilitate both strategic planning and culture building processes.

For teams interested in strategic planning, I offer a comprehensive 7-step strategic planning process called The Strategy Tango including:

  • Step 1: The warm-up – understanding your situation
  • Step 2: Envisioning your next production – mission, vision, values
  • Step 3: Financing your next production – financial sustainability
  • Step 4: Choreographing your steps – goals, objectives, strategies
  • Step 5: The dress rehearsal ­– reaching initial consensus
  • Step 6: Back to the studio rehearsals ­– clarifying tactics
  • Step 7: The performance ­– allocating resources, measuring success, approving the plan


For teams interested in building conscious cultures, I facilitate interactive workshops and retreats to introduce and practice commitments #1-6 of the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. It starts with learning to locate yourself when you are living and leading from a state of trust (above the line) or a state of reactive fear (below the line). Commitments #1-6 include:

Leaders and teams who fully embrace and practice these commitments in their day to day work are more likely to unleash their highest potential. 


Are you ready to explore working together?


Follows my comprehensive 
7-step Strategy Tango planning process over 6-9 months.

Starts at $20,000.




Half-day or full-day interactive workshops to introduce and practice the 15 commitments of conscious leadership within organizations and teams.

Day rate is $4,000 + travel.

Leadership & Personal Development

Are you ready to unleash your highest potential?

I coach leaders who are often at crossroads in their lives, careers, and organizations. You may be most ready for coaching if you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next steps. Or you may have a vision for where you are going and you seek support to get there in a way that minimizes drama and maximizes impact, learning, and playfulness.

The coaching method I am certified to practice is The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, created by Conscious Leadership Group. I practice context coaching which is different from other types of coaching.

I only work with coaching clients who want to play the same game of living and leading consciously with great purpose, drive, and compassion. I particularly love working with founders and leaders stepping into new positions.

Are you ready to let go of your autopilot and seek your highest potential?

Executive Coaching:

6 month individual coaching packages delivered in person or through Zoom video call. $5,000


Group Coaching:

2020 Ann Arbor and Detroit cohorts in formation now!  Use the Contact page to inquire.


Is your organization ready for a change?

Stephanie Blackburn Freeth is the creator of The Strategy Tango.


The Strategy Tango is designed to move through seven tried and true planning steps while also accommodating the unique needs of your organization in each moment.


The Strategy Tango process is built upon a foundation of collaboration, candor, and focus.

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Are you looking for transformation?


Stephanie Blackburn Freeth provides 1:1 coaching for leaders looking to make their next transition.

Find out if you're ready for coaching with a free preparation checklist.

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