Consulting and coaching packages for leaders and teams ready to align strategy and minimize drama.




Are your team’s conversations full of energy draining drama or creative candor and possibility?

The teams I work with have conversations that matter. They face issues that other teams ignore. They have fun together and co-create possibilities that others may not even see.

The teams I partner with are often exploring their organization’s purpose, missionvision, and values. They are willing to look at how their organizational culture is contributing to or detracting from their success. They may be working through current revenue or fundraising challenges as well as questions about longer-term financial sustainability


Ready to explore working together?

I currently offer 3 strategic facilitation packages:

FULL STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS: Follows my comprehensive 7-step Strategy Tango planning process. Often spans 6-9 months. Starts at $20,000.

FACILITATED TEAM CONVERSATIONS: Half-day or full-day conversations focused on specific goals. Day rate is $2,500 + travel.

RETREATS: Experiential, co-created, customized retreats focused on strategic and cultural opportunities. Start at $5,000.


COACHING | Leadership & Personal Development


I coach leaders through transformative change.

Lasting change in organizations occurs when individual leaders become more aware of their reactive patterns. The inner game runs the outer game. The coaching method I practice is centered on The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, created by Conscious Leadership Group co-founders, Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman. I am currently training with Diana, Jim, and other conscious leadership practitioners as I pursue a coaching certification on The 15 Commitments.

Leaders who choose to invest in a coaching relationship with me become more aware of the reactive patterns influencing how they show up.

You may be ready to work with me if . . . You are an authentic, purpose-driven leader. You are an expert in your field and yet you sense there is something deeper within. You have innate talents that you use in service to your family, your organization, and your community. Some of those talents you see and celebrate. Others talents remain hidden, waiting for you to brush away outdated beliefs or shiny distractions.

You are a learner. You may be part of a senior leadership team and perhaps on a path to a C-level position. You may be a solopreneur.  You also know there is something deeper than your current lived experience, your current perceptions of scarcity. You may be on the cusp of a profound breakthrough in your life and in your organization. You are in a position to bring forth great change through your leadership if you can only see and be the truest version of yourself.

Individual Coaching: 8 sessions delivered through Zoom video call. $2,000


Group Coaching: Currently offered by invitation only. 

Is your organization ready for a change?

Stephanie Blackburn Freeth is the creator of The Strategy Tango.


The Strategy Tango is designed to move through seven tried and true planning steps while also accommodating the unique needs of your organization in each moment.


The Strategy Tango process is built upon a foundation of collaboration, candor, and focus.

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Are you looking for transformation?


Stephanie Blackburn Freeth provides 1:1 coaching for leaders looking to make their next transition.

Find out if you're ready for coaching with a free preparation checklist.

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