Love and fear

You have a choice to make right now. You get to choose between love and fear, in each and every moment. What if it’s really that simple? What if all of the distractions that you think are so important are just opportunities to practice making the choice between...

Body Sensations as Data

No course in business school taught me how to pay attention to the sensations in my body as a way to access more data and wisdom. Fast forward 20 years and I’m just now learning how to access the wisdom of my body sensations as a tool staying more present in the...

Source of your drive

Have you ever stopped to consider the source of your drive? Does your drive come from a sense of lack or not-enoughness or from a sense of empowerment? With the help of some masterful mentors and coaches I have come to realize that the drive that has made me...

Embracing I Don’t Know

“Stephanie, you’d be more successful if you embraced your ‘I don’t know’ persona.” This was feedback I got last year that rattled me. It felt like a gut punch. What do you mean my “I don’t know” persona? I’m a strategic planner. I make a living...

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