For the past five months, I’ve spent many of my waking hours writing a strategic planning workbook just for nonprofits. It’s called The Nonprofit Strategy Tango: I lead, you follow, and together we create your next strategic plan. Building on the customized consulting work I do with clients, this workbook provides a step-by-step process that pairs do-it-yourself exercises with expert coaching support.

I have written the second draft of the workbook, and I’d love your help finishing it up before I publish it in 2018.

If you serve on a nonprofit board or are a staff member of a nonprofit, I want to know your most burning questions about strategic planning. As I am putting the finishing touches on the workbook, I want to make sure I have addressed your concerns and have included a variety of lessons learned from across the nonprofit sector.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  1. What is your #1 question about strategic planning?
  2. Do you have “lessons learned” anecdotes from a strategic planning process you’ve been through that you would be willing to share for the book?

I invite you to email me at if you’d like to provide your input on the two questions above. Thanks in advance!

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